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Sensa Clinical blocks up to 350
Calories per meal! ‡ *

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It's Simple... 3 Easy Steps


Sprinkle the full contents of 1 Sensa Clinical packet over a dish high in complex carbohydrates once a day.


Make sure to eat the full contents of your daily Sensa Clinical packet, even if you do not finish your food.

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Let Sensa Clinical work and block up to 350 calories per meal when used as directed. * You will feel fuller and stay satisfied for longer. *

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4 Amazing Facts About Our Product


It blocks calories, lowering your overall caloric intake, so you can stress less about counting calories, and enjoy your favorite meals† while reducing body fat and losing weight.*


It suppresses the hunger hormone ghrelin,* so you feel more satisfied and full, even while you're losing weight.


The all-new scientifically validated Sensa® Clinical weight-loss system blocks up to 350 calories per meal when used as directed!‡*


Sensa Clinical means weight loss with no complicated diet plan, and no changes to your exercise routine... even when you eat as many as 2,000-2,200 calories per day, including your favorite high complex carbohydrate foods.

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